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ARARAT Center NEWSLETTER, 17 July - 07 August 2009
Author: Ararat | Date: 08-08-2009 | Print


17 July - 07 August, 2009





Interview with Harutyun Mesrobyan, Expert in Governance, There Is No Favorable Wind for Those Who Do Not Sail Anywhere (in Russian

Arminfo,  27 July, 2009

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(in Armenian translation, with links to the original sources)

“Are Armenia’s Policies Making Turkey Stronger?”

Source: The California Courier, 4 August 2009


“The Ugly Truth About the Kurdish Question -- the Armenian Question?!”

Source: Today’s Zaman, 31 July 2009


Turkish Foreign Policy: Dreams From Their Fathers 

Source: The Economist, 23 July 2009

ARARAT Center’s Commentary  


Georgia to Ask Biden for Weapons, Observers

Source: The Associated Press, 23 July 2009


Cyprus to Keep Blocking Turkey EU Energy Chapter

Source:, 21 July 2009


Armenia: Foreign Minister Dismisses Calls For Resignation

Source: Eurasianet, 21 July 2009

ARARAT Center’s Commentary    

Armenia to Send Forces to Afghanistan This Year

Source: The Associated Press, 21 July 2009


China Should Retaliate Against Turkey by Recognizing the Armenian Genocide

Source: The California Courier, 23 July 2009

ARARAT Center’s Commentary  


China Demands Turkish Retraction

Source: BBC News, 14 July 2009


The New Afghan Talibs Are Waging a Real Guerrilla Warfare

Source: Le Monde, 6 May 2009


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