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ARARAT Center NEWSLETTER, 13 September-16 Hoktember, 2009
Author: ARARAT | Date: 16-10-2009 | Print


13 September - 16 October, 2009


Accepting the Turkish Tutelage? (in Armenian and Russian)

Source: Hayastani Zrucakits, 09.10.2009

Why the Mediator is Switzerland ?
(in Russian)

Source: Golos Armenii, 06.10.2009

“Today's is the Heir of Taleats: it Effectively Continues Their Hostile Policy Against ,” says Armen Ayvazyan (in Armenian Source: Azdak, 06.10.2009

"The Genocide of Armenian Toponyms in Turkey Continues"
(in Armenian)


More Analysis


The Double Veteran of the AGBU Protests Against the Political Activities of the AGBU Central Board of Directors and Its President Berge Setrakian


Criticizing materials about “Kharabakhization of Armenian history” published in

(in Armenian and Russian)


A. Ayvazyan.” will be accountable before the nation”

Source: 7 or, 01.10.2009

Court Action Against the Denial of Genocide in Armenia

A Case Against the Genocide Denial Has Been Accepted To Be Heard by the Yerevan Court,


34 Times Insulting Armenians for “Sublime” Purpose

Source: “Iravunq” 07.10.2009

First Ever Court Action Against the Denial of Genocide in Armenia (Full Text of the Lawsuit) (in Armenian)


Complete Video Transcript of the Press Conference about the Court Action


Media Coverage of Press Conference



A. Ayvazyan is the Guest of ”Akunq” program (VEM radio station) - 07.10.2009


The speech of A. Ayvazyan in the conference invited by the ARF Supreme Body –

Yerevan , 08.10.2009

Meeting and Discussion at “Patriot” club - 06.10.2009

Armen Ayvazyan’s Speech in the Armenian Parliament – 01.10.2009

About the Slavish "Protocols" and the Denial of Genocide in


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