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ARARAT Center NEWSLETTER, 17 Hoktember - 26 Noyember, 2009
Author: Ararat | Date: 26-11-2009 | Print


17 October - 26 November, 2009



Armen Ayvazyan: "The State System of Has Been Semi-Paralyzed Since

Independence ”  (in Armenian, French and Russian)

Source:, 24.11.2009

"Turkification of Toponyms in Ottoman Empire and Republic of Turkey" 

(in Armenian and Russian)


Armenian journalist refuses to use the word genocide

13.11. 2009

What Are Trying To Build on the

Riverside : A Reservoir or...?

Gevorg Yazchyan, 24.11.2009

Is There Someone in Charge in This Country? (in Armenian and Russian)

Source: “Sobesednik Armenii,” 41(112), 13.11.2009

English Translation of the Full Text of the First Lawsuit Against the Denial of Genocide in 


Letter to the editorial staff of Aztag (Azdak) (in Armenian)


A Meeting with Members of the United Armenian Evangelic Church in the   (in Armenian)


Some Opinions about the Article “A Future Convict”

Source: “Sobesednik Armenii,” 26.10.2009

Military Aspects of Israeli Army's "Operation Cast Lead"

Armen Harutyunyan, 23.10.2009

Armen Ayvazyan’s Opinion - - 16.10.2009



E. Danielyan’s Additional Comment about the Publication on ”Armenian Cave Yields Ancient Human Brain”  (in Armenian and Russian)


Accused of “Genocide Denial” over Armenia

Source: “Guardian” 3.11.2009


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