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Author: Ararat | Date: 06-02-2009 | Download it | Print

16 Jan - 6 Feb 2009


Albert Nalchajyan,
"Ethnic Identity and National Self-Defence" (in Armenian),
4 Feb 2009

Ruben Tarumyan, "Making Wishes, or What Would You Like?" (in Armenian),
26 Jan 2009

More Analysis


(in Armenian translation, with links to the original sources)

Waiting for War?
Source: "VPK", 14-20 Jan, 2009
ARARAT Center's Commentary (1), (2), (3)

Armenian Cave Yields Ancient Human Brain
Source: "Science News", 12 Jan 2009
ARARAT Center's Commentary

Turkey's Kurdish TV: Dishonesty and Anti-Kurdish Hatred
Source: "Kurdish Media", 6 Jan 2009
ARARAT Center's Commentary

Broken Promises and an Unfolding Tragedy
Source: "Independent", 27 Dec 2008

U.S. and Russia will Play Out New "Caucasian Gambit";
This Time - in Azerbaijan

Source: "Komsomolskaya Pravda", 17 Dec 2008

Public Alarm Following Provocative Mosque Arson Atacks
Source: "Today's Zaman", 16 Dec 2008

Mountain Megalomaniacs
Source: "New Statesman", 6 Nov 2008
ARARAT Center's Commentary (1) (2)

More Foreign Press Review


ARARAT Center's Evening School Students Received Graduation Certificates

Soldier's Path or the Armenian Code of Honor
Documentary dedicated to the Armenian Army Day of Jan 28

More events


The Five Neighbors Around One Table
Source: "National", 26 Jan 2009

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