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Author: Ararat | Date: 27-02-2009 | Print

6 - 27 Feb 2009


Karabakh Conflict is Part of the Armenian Question (in Russian),
Armen Ayvazyan's interview,"Arminfo" news agency, 23 Feb 2009

Dangerous Flirt: On Armenian-Turkish 'Rappproachement'  (in Armenian), 
Armen Ayvazyan's interview,"Hayots Ashkharh", 14 Feb 2009

Religion and National Identity  (in Armenian), 
Armen Ayvazyan's Radio Interview, VEM Radio Station,
6 Feb 2009

 More Analysis

(in Armenian translation, with links to the original sources) 

Comments on Several Important Articles of Interest to Armenians 
Source: "The California Courier'' Sassounian’s column of  Feb 19 2009
Turkish PM Erdogan: No Change in Karabakh Policy
Source: "The Journal of Turkish Weekly", 19 Feb 2009
ARARAT Center's Commentary

Bad New Vibrations
Source: "The Economist", 29 Jan 2009

The Russian Orthodox Church Plans to Establish Its Public Chamber
Source: "Interfax Religion", 28 Jan 2009

Israel, Turkey and the Politics of Genocide
"The Globe and Mail", 23 Jan 2009

State of Denial
Source: "Intelligence Report, Southern Poverty Law Center", summer 2008

More Foreign Press Review


Armen Ayvazyan was Guest of "Urbat" Club (the video of the event)
Topic of the discussion: "Armenian-Turkish relations or conflict?", 24 Feb 2009

Media Coverage of the Event

Turkey will Open Its Border with Armenia in Order to Cause 
Her Even Bigger Harm
, "Regnum", 24 Feb 2009

"Football Diplomacy" in the Context of Armenian-Turkish Relations 
was Doomed from the Beginning,
 "Novosti Armenia", 24 Feb 2009

Watching Football will Not Solve the Armenian-Turkish Conflict
"Yerkir", 25 Feb 2009

Turkish Break-through: Yerevan Offers Ankara to Build an NPP in Armenia
"Nezavisimaya gazeta", 26 Feb 2009

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Film on "Summer School-2008": "Armenia and the Region in the 
Modern International Political System"

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