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ARARAT Center NEWSLETTER 27 Feb-13 Mar
Author: Ararat | Date: 13-03-2009 | Print

27 Feb - 13 Mar 2009


Vahram Miraqyan, "Songs as Weapon in Psychological Warfare" (in Armenian),
10 Mar 2009

Sona Avagyan,
"Turkey Carries Out Numerous Hostile Actions Against Armenia" 
(in Armenian), 9 Mar 2009 

Lusine Sahakyan,
"Trabzon in the Territorial-Administrative Divisions of the 
Ottoman Empire"
  8 Mar 2009

More Analysis

(in Armenian translation, with links to the original sources) 

Nearly a Million Genocide Victims, Covered in a Cloak of Amnesia 
Source: "The New York Times", 8 Mar 2009

Israel Still Arming Georgia
Source: "Press TV", 5 Mar 2009

Father Sues Turkish Education Ministry Over Armenian "Genocide" DVD
Source: "The Times", 28 Feb 2009
ARARAT Center's Commentary

American Intelligence is not Sure About Saakashvili
Source: "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", 19 Feb 2009

Turkey and  the Army: Conspiracy Theories
Source: "The Economist", 29 Jan 2009

More Foreign Press Review


Religion is One of the Most Important Components of National

Lecture at the Vazgenyan Seminary, 28 Feb 2009

More events



Lusine Sahakyan is Guest of "Kamurj" program on Public Radio, 28 Feb 2009

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