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ARARAT Center NEWSLETTER 13 Mar-12 May, 2009
Author: Ararat | Date: 12-05-2009 | Print


13 Mar-12 May, 2009


                                                                   P E T I T I O N


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Video material: Excerpts from the public discussion on the "Armenia-Turkey 

intergovernmental process and the so-called 'road map' ", April 30 2009

(in Armenian)

Armen Ayvazyan: "Armenia-Turkey Intergovernmental Process and 

the So-Called 'Road Map' ",
  (in Armenian) 30 April  2009 

in Russian: Об армяно-турецком межгосударственном процессе 

и т.н. «дорожной карте»

Karen Vrtanesyan: "Denazification of Turkey and Azerbaijan as Clue",

(in Armenian), 30 April 2009

The Conceptual Collapse of the Third Republic of Armenia

Armen Ayvazyan was the guest of  a TV program-"The things we are not going to 

concede" broadcasted by the "ALM" TV Company

About the Genocide and Turkish-Armenian 'Road Map'

Armen Ayvazyan was the guest of Shirak Public TV, Gyumri, 24 April 2009

"Not True, Not True at All" , (in Russian), 

22 April 2009

Renaissance of the Armenians Will Come When the Armenian Government Recalls the 

Armenian Question from Oblivion

(on the International Law Level of the Armenian Question), (in Russian), 

Armen Ayvazyan,, 20 April 2009

Video material: Armenian Society Rejects the Armenian Authorities' Turkish Policy

Excerpts from the public discussion held by the ARARAT Center, 14 April 2009

On 14 April 2009, the


Center for Strategic Research presented and discussed 

the findings of
200 interviews
conducted on the "Present-day Problems of the 

Armenian-Turkish Conflict"

Below are the keynote speeches of the event:

 Armen Ayvazyan: "Findings of the Interviews, and Conclusions"   (in Armenian)          

 Harutyun Mesrobyan: "
The Armenian-Turkish conflict from the management perspective" , 

(in Armenian)

Albert Nalchajyan:
"Problems in Armenian-Turkish relations: An Ethnopsychologist's   Perspective" , 

(in Armenian)

Levon Shirinyan:
"History Тeaches Lessons to Those Who Are Prone to Learning Them"

(in Armenian)

Тhe Negotiations Evolve Around the Turkish Phased Plan of the Destruction 

of Armenian Statehoood,

Interview with A. Ayvazyan in Iravunk de facto, 10 April 2009

Relating with the Enemy - With no Guarantees?, 

Interview with A. Ayvazyan in "Zrutsakits", #13 (84), 10.04.2009

The Armenian Genocide and the Aftermath, (in Armenian), (in Russian)

Interview with A. Ayvazyan in Azatamtutyun,10 April 2009 

Interview on "Radio Hay", 8 April 2009

Two interviews shot as part of the opinion poll - "Present day Problems of the

Armenian-Turkish Conflict"-conducted by the "Ararat" Center

               Harutyun Mesrobyan

               Albert Nalchajyan

The Oposition By all Means Supports the Authorities in Advancing 

this Policy of a Loser

Armen Ayvazyan,, 4 April 2009

More Analysis


(in Armenian translation, with links to the original sources) 

Nalbandian Shuts Out the Press

Source: "", 6 May 2009

Armenia’s Grief

Source: "Financial Times", 26 April 2009

ARARAT Center's Commentary

Think Tank’s Report on Armenia:You Get What You Pay For

Source:  Sassounian’s column of April 23, 2009

Armenia Withdrew its Land Claims

Source: "", 15 April 2009

Russian intelligence has reported

Source: "", 15 April 2009

61% of Armenians Oppose to Rapprochment with Turkey

Source: "", 15 April 2009

Turkish-Armenian Dialogue on the Verge of Collapse

Source: "Eurasia Daily Monitor, Volume 6, Issue 71", 14 April 2009

ARARAT Center's Commentry

Obama Undermines His Credibility By Not Saying Genocide in Ankara

Source: "Sassounian's column",  9 April 2009 

Armenian Genocide. "Obama Showed Good Rhetoric in Turkey

Source: "",  6 April 2009

ARARAT Center's Commentary

61% of Respondents in Armenia Are Against Rapprochement with Turkey: Survey

Source: ”Trend News”Turkey,   23 March 2009

What Were Armenian Officials Thinking, If They Were Thinking at all? 

Source: "The California Courier", 12 March 2009

UNESCO: 15 Languages Endangered in Turkey

Source: “”, Paris, 22 Feb 2009

Serious Discussion of The Karabakh Issue

Source:  "Akhbar rooz", 31 Oct 2008

More Foreign Press Review


Public Discussion on "Armenia-Turkey Inergovernmental Process and 

the So-Called "Road Map'' was Held
, 30 April 2009

                    Read the media coverage of the event here

Harutyun Mesrobyan is Guest of "Akunq'' Program

On 14 April 2009, the


Center for Strategic Research Presented and 

Discussed the Findings of
200 Interviews
Conducted on the "Present-Day 

Problems of the Armenian-Turkish Conflict".

                     Read the media coverage of the event here

Lecture on "Religion and Identity" Delivered in Gyumry

31 March 2009

More events


As the Newpew of an Armenian Fidayi, I Call On...

At the public discussion on "Armenia-Turkey intergovernmental process

and so-called "road map", 30 April 2009

If  the Paths Differ, no Joint Plans can be Made

Naira Mkrtchyan, 13 April 2009

Your Evil Deeds will Turn to Dust

Azatamtutyun, 18 April 2009

What Does Armenian Society Think of Armenian-Turkish Relations? 


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